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Register by filling out our Junior Academy Form
One registration covers winter and spring, attend what ever session suits your schedule.

The year round calendar is below.
2020 Fall: 20 Sessions: 10 training sessions & 10 small sided games
2021 Winter: 8 training sessions indoor @ Total Turf Experience 8 small sided games @ GTCP.
2020 Fall: 26 Sessions: 13 outdoor training sessions & 4/6 outdoor small sided games.

Training sessions COVID protocol
1) Please print out and bring the SJEB Rush Covid-19 Waiver to your first session, only one waiver is required.
2) Parents you must complete the TOTAL TURF SYMPTOM CHECKER before each training session
3) Either print out or save the screen shot the symptom checker to your phone. Save the link to your phone home screen to find it easy.
4) Players and parents are to wear masks when walking through the building, TTE staff will do a temperature check and you have to show the staff the symptom checker when you go in the main entrance. 
5) Walk your son/daughter through the main building to the Indoor Turf Field in the rear of the building, we will have our U13 & U14 Girls team assisting with the training sessions, they will help your child get situated. 
6) As per Guvoner Murphy's guidelines spectators are not allowed in the building.
7) If there's any issue with your child during the session we will call you ASAP so you can come into the building, so make sure you have filled out the REGISTRATION FORM.
8) Its the parents/players decision if they wear a face mask or not at training. 
9) Coaches will wear face masks at all times. 

20/21 Season Information
The SJEB Junior Academy (JA) program is for 2013 & 2014 (U7 & U8) players in the US Soccer Zone 1.  SJEB 20/21 Junior Academy will be for Boys & Girls born in 2013 & 2014.  We are pleased to offer FREE training for Girls & Boys as an introduction to our club and the beautiful game of soccer.

During the JA practices players are taught ball mastery skills, turns and 1v1 moves, then put into small sided 1v1, 2v2 games to find their own way to use them on the field. Fewer players in small sided games ensures each player gets more touches on the ball, and has a bigger part of the game. Coaches will follow a curriculum so players are learning new skills each week, in the small sided games there is limited coaching - players are given the opportunity to experiment, try things, and find out what works.  There are also no referees, and players keep score (or not), with an emphasis on trying new skills rather than winning.  In addition, parents and supporters are kept back from the side of the field to create less of a gallery feel.
- FREE Program.
- More touches.
- Less pressure from coaches & parents.
- Individual technique taught within enjoyable games and exercises.
- Creativity is encouraged in an environment where players can develop and execute new skills with confidence.

Spread The Word
The program is affordable and open to any player in South Jersey area, the more players the better the games and training sessions. Please spread the word in your communities, to your friends, family, neighbors, school friends, church groups, etc. Bring along any player who likes to play soccer. Have the parent fill out the registration form

7v7 Teams at U8 & U9
The purpose of our Junior Academy is to get a large pool of players from which we can form our U8 teams when players begin playing 7v7. Throughout the year we will evaluate all players who attend the training sessions so that we can form teams for the 7v7 (U8) season.

Girls Junior Academy Contact Veronica Rhea: [email protected]
Boys Junior Academy Contact John Thompson - [email protected]