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What should you look for when considering a soccer development program for your player?  

  1. Player Development

    1. Everywhere you turn you see the terms “Academy”, “Soccer Academy” or “Development Academy” when describing youth soccer programs in South Jersey.  

    2. SJEB Rush is the only youth soccer program in South Jersey to earn the distinction of being named a US Soccer Development Academy.  This honor is bestowed on only 164 of the top boy’s and girl’s clubs in the US who exhibit the highest standard of player development.      

  2. Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff

    1. SJEB Rush has more collegiate coaches and former professional coaches/players on staff than any club in South Jersey.

  3. History of Accomplishment

    1. SJEB Rush was established in 1997.  We are the most experienced and most accomplished Soccer Academy in South Jersey.  

    2. SJEB Rush has developed over 1,050 players that went on to play in collegiate programs 

    3. ?? do we mention YNT or professional players here?  Do we have enough accomplishments here?  

  4. Non-Profit vs For-Profit

    1. All youth sports organizations are not created equal.  When considering a soccer club for your player, you should consider the underlying motives of the organization’s leadership.  The club’s organizational tax structure can provide some clues here.  Non-Profit organizations are established for the benefit of players and the community.  For-Profit soccer organizations are established for the benefit (profit) of the owners.   

    2. SJEB Rush is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization established to provide the best level of education and soccer development for players in South Jersey.