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Reconstructive Ortho

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What is The Energy Lab? 

The Energy Lab is a comprehensive sports medicine and performance enhancement center of excellence located in Pitman, NJ.  We are a destination for athletes of all ages and abilities in search of a one-stop-shop for their sports medicine needs.  The Energy Lab is the first and only evidence-based and medically-backed performance enhancement center of its kind in the region.  The Lab is integrated with Recon Sports, a division of Reconstructive Orthopedics, in a 14,000 sq ft facility located within the Total Turf Experience in Pitman NJ.  The Total Turf Complex is a regional destination for sports encompassing over 130,000 sq ft and attracts up to 75,000 athletes to their facility every month.

Why was it created?

The Energy Lab was born out of the need for evidence-based treatment recommendations, data-driven outcomes, and better communication between sports medicine professionals.  Our services span the entire spectrum of treatment for an activity-related injury.  Additionally, we offer comprehensive speed, agility, and strength training programs for healthy athletes.  Our professionals work in collaboration with one another while utilizing the science of sport as the basis for their treatment and training protocols.  You won’t find gimmicks or the latest training fads here. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate a rapid return to activity at a high level of function with a decreased risk of re-injury.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be participating in the most cutting edge performance enhancement and injury prevention programs in the region and that you will be training in a friendly, demanding, and energetic atmosphere.  We expect that the experience you will have at The Energy Lab will far exceed any other sports medicine treatment or sports performance training center in the region.

What do we do at the Energy Lab?

We combine the results of personalized functional assessment tests to come up with an individualized training program for each athlete at The Energy Lab.  We work together as an integrated sports medicine and performance team and use data for decision-making.  Digital movement assessments along with orthopedic and physical therapy evaluations serve as the intake cornerstones for our data collection process  These will then guide subsequent performance enhancement training programs provided by our athletic trainers and certified strength and performance coaches.  We offer semi-private group and one on one private sessions because we believe that each athlete has their own individual needs that cannot always be addressed in a large group setting.  Last, but not least; we have combined nutritional assessments and mental performance enhancement into our programming because we feel strongly that a proper nutrition plan and mental resilience training are essential to reach your full athletic potential. All of the core elements to athletic success are covered at The Energy Lab!

Our Vision & Mission

-Our Vision is to provide a stable resource for the ever-changing environment of sports medicine and performance training through the the application of evidence-based assessments and medically-backed training programs. 

-Our Mission at The Energy Lab is to promote evidence-based education about injury prevention, functional movement optimization, nutrition, mental resilience, recovery, and sports performance enhancement.  We believe that it is important to equip our athletes with an educational foundation about sports injury prevention and performance enhancement techniques that they will carry with them long after they leave our care

Who will be providing services?

-Reconstructive Orthopedics has partnered with The Energy Lab to provide services needed for your Orthopedic care.

-Board certified and sports medicine fellowship trained physicians of Recon Sports, a division of Reconstructive Orthopedics will be providing services on-site. 

-Certified and specialty trained physical therapists of Reconstructive Orthopedics will also be providing services on site and overseeing functional strength training at The Energy Lab.

-Certified athletic trainers with years of experience Training professional athletes.

-Speed and agility coaches.

-Certified strength & conditioning specialists.

-Athlete resilience and mental performance consultants.

-Sports nutritionists.

-Acupuncture services.

-Massage services.


Joe Callahan 11/28/19

"My son Joe just turned 15 years old and it was clear he needed to get more athletic as he headed into his first year of high school basketball. He had been going to our local health club for a few years but never took it all that seriously; but with the high school basketball season rapidly approaching, we decided it was time Joe trained with a professional. He needed to learn how to train the right way to be better prepared heading into his first high school season. We did the initial evaluation and minutes after it was done, Joe had me online signing him up for workouts. Steph at the front desk was extremely helpful in getting us set up, registered, scheduled, etc. She is terrific. And Chris, the strength and conditioning coach, was perfect for Joe. He started out slow. He got a sense for what he could handle, both mentally and physically; and before long they settled into a nice routine. Joe workout with them for the next 6 week, 3 workouts each week.

In just 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks, the transformation is almost unbelievable!!! Joey is stronger. He is faster. And he is more athletic. Plus, it is not a stretch to say that his body has undergone a transformation. He walked in 6 weeks ago, without an ounce of muscle on him. And today you see his shoulders popping through his shirt, and his calves carved out below his shorts. He looks like a different kid. He had his first high school practice today and his coach could not believe the difference in him from this past summer. Joe is noticeably quicker, faster, and more athletic!!!


This is exactly what we wanted from the Energy Lab!! 

We could not be any happier with the results, and Joe has already made me promise to bring him back as soon as the high school season is over.

We are so impressed with the Energy Lab, from top to bottom. The staff there is fantastic!! We will definitely be back this spring!!

Thank you Energy Lab!!